Monster Trucks

A monster truck is an automobile styled after regular trucks but has been changed or altered purposely in the size of their wheels and suspension. These vehicles are used in competitions such as motocross races, tractor pulls and mud bogging. There are several well-known monster trucks on the motor cross circuit today.

One of the most famous monster trucks is Bad News. Bruce Haney began racing monster trucks in 1998. He originally began racing part time with this wife but a year later he began racing trucks full time. Bruce and his Bad News team are kept very busy each year and they average about forty events a year. Bad News competes against some of the best monster trucks on the circuit today.

The Bigfoot monster truck team began back in the mid 1970’s. The owner of the truck, Bob Chandler, began using his truck as a work truck and for fun off road adventures with his family. While out having fun in his truck Bob began discovering ways to beat bigger and better trucks. In 1981 Bob revolutionized the monster truck industry. In 1983 the Ford Motor Company sponsored his truck, which he named Bigfoot. The rest as they say is history.

Grave Digger is one of the most popular monster trucks on the circuit today. This truck is known throughout the world as being one of the best racing trucks. Dennis Anderson originally created this truck in his garage from old parts from other trucks. Anderson could not keep up with other monster truck owners and their new technology, but he didn’t back down. When confronted by other trucks, Anderson would simply reply that he would take his piece of junk and he would dig a grave for the other truck hence the name Grave Digger.

Another popular monster truck on the circuit today is the Jurassic Attack and is owned by Frankish Enterprises out of Lethbridge, Alberta. The owner of this company started out in truck and tracker pulling competitions. Over time Jeff Turbine began modifying his truck so that it could be run monster truck rallies. If looking to see Jurassic Attack or Maniac you should look online to see where the next monster truck rally will be held and if they are going to attend.

Monster Truck shows do tour the UK on a regular basis.