Monster Truck History

In the late 1970’s in truck pulling and mud bogging became increasing popular as leisure activities. In order to participate in these off road adventures trucks needed to be modified, hence the beginning of monster trucks. Bob Chandler was a visionary in the monster truck industry when he first began jumping his lifted truck over a series of cars in fields. This attracted other truck owners and interest began to grow. Bob Chandler began filming his jumps for promotional videos for his truck store. An event promoter noticed the video and asked Chandler to start performing his jumps in front of paying crowds. Bob was reluctant at first but finally he caved. Things started out small but they eventually attracted more and more people to these events.

Up until the early 1980’s monster truck rallies were not used as headlining events. They usually were sideshows for truck pulling and mud bogging events. This changed in 1985 when TNT Motor sports began racing monster trucks on a regular basis. These races, similar to what they look like today, ran as single elimination, drag races. However, the rules and regulations were random and soon truck drivers were becoming frustrated. Due to this frustration Bob Chandler and George Carpenter got together to form the Monster Truck Racing Association and created a standard set of rules and guidelines.

As monster truck racing advanced so did the modifications of the monster trucks. Drivers began looking for ways to create bigger and better trucks. In 1993, while racing was still dominant, event planners decided to add freestyle events to the menu. This allowed drivers to do something out of the ordinary to attract more and more viewers. This freestyle type of show wowed audiences. Today the Monster Jam series is one of the largest and most popular monster truck tours in the Unites States and Canada. Such trucks as Jurassic Attack, Bad News and Big Foot are the main attractions in this type of show. Monster truck tours are the second largest form of touring family entertainment shows in the world today.